Article: 6 tips for Keeping Aurora Away from your computer... and 1 tip to Fix it if Aurora has Gotten You

by Zach Keyer

1. Stay away from nonstandard search engines... trust and, all else be wary
2. Do not download unknown files to your computer whether sent via an email stranger or a popup asking permission to download... "Just Say NO"
3. If you borrow someone's floppy disk or CD with word documents or web pages and .EXE files... SCAN it with a virus scanner before opening anything on the disk.
5. Run an antivirus scanner weekly.. and preferably have one running 247 on your computer in the background
6. Install microsoft AntiSpy... it alrets you to any attempt to download and install software that is being done behind the scenes

Final Tip:
Now If Aurora already has infested your computer, You are getting popups and all kinds of problems... you want to go to:
And You'll see the 3minute fix that finally worked for me.

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