Article: MicroWorld Antivirus (MWAV) Toolkit Utility.

by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

MicroWorld Antivirus (MWAV) Toolkit Utility.

The features of MWAV

1. New features to detect Porno Dialers, Adware, Spyware and Riskware.
2. MWAV can now updated itself automatically so that it can scan for all the new viruses
3. Facility to activate itself for removing/disinfecting worms and viruses
4. Facility to weed out worms that attach themselves to popular browsers
like Internet Explorer that are not detected by popular antivirus products
by using deep registry scanning

AntiVirus products traditionally do scanning of entire harddrives to check
files for viruses. But the ever increasing size of harddisks and the
millions of files that these harddisks can store, makes it practically
impossible for antivirus products to scan all the files within practical
time limits.

But, because Microsoft's registry, which stores "links" to files which are
automatically executed by various software's, is not fully documented, AV
software often fail to catch viruses which appear to resurface even after
successful disinfections

This is exactly what MWAV toolkit today attempts to solve. It will search
deep into the registry, even looking for entries which are normally not
documented, and within minutes detect and remove viruses.

Moreover MWAV will remove "invalid" and "dead links" inside the registry,
which often causes unnecessary warnings to fill up the Event Logs.

According to Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO of MicroWorld Technologies Inc.,
"Relatively undocumented autorun entries inside the registry was a BIG
hassle for customers and Antivirus vendors. The allnewpowerful MWAV will
prove to be a real boon to customers and hardware technicians."

MWAV has already received numerous accolades and appreciations from
customers worldwide and used by numerous consultants to "quick scan" PCs
and Servers.

New MWAV can be downloaded and used from MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

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