Article: The Top 5 Effective and Cheap Security Solutions (All Under 30.00)

by Luigi Di Serio

Computer security software is essential for surviving the world wild web, but it can cost the common pc user quite a small fortune for the basic protection. McAfee and Norton are not the only developers that make essential security application. Check out these hand picked applications that will cost you less than 30.00 USD a piece These products are often overlooked in the saturated security market but they certainly do not under perform.

1) Get Right Desktop Armor Desktop Armor watches dozens of important settings on your computer and warns you if any program has changed them. This catches many of the changes a virus, worm, or trojan program will make to your computer and lets you immediately fix them back Plus Desktop Armor includes a lot of other useful features like a Popup blocker and easy access to change and protect common Windows security settings.
Retail Price: 25.00
Desktop Armor

2) Armor2Net This PC firewall monitors all Internet connections to and from your computer to ensure that only legitimate traffic is allowed and alerts you to attempted intrusions. You have the option to grant and deny access to Internet on a perapplication basis, thus preventing worm, Trojan horse and spyware programs from hurting your computer. It even comes with a spyware scanner.
Retail Price: 29.99

3) Digital Patrol Digital Patrol a powerful antitrojan scanner, which detects and eliminates more than 50,000 Trojan Horses and Spywares. That is 50,000 Digital Patrol detects viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets. The program has a unique system of daily updating from the Internet, allowing to easily and surely updating not only the antivirus bases, but also any other program components.
Retail Price: 24.95
Digital Patrol

4) ezAntivirus eTrust EZ Antivirus detects and removes 100 of computer viruses in the wild keeping you safe from virtually all known virus threats. Plus, with automatic software updates, new threats that emerge daily wont stand a chance. A full range of features for a fraction of the cost gives you powerful control, invaluable protection, and the confidence to surf and download securely.
Retail Price: 29.95

5) Identity Protection Identity Protection is a powerful set of utilities that will scan and remove adware/spyware from your computer, clear your internet and computer histories, scan your computer for security holes, and secure sensitive data. Identity Protection will ensure your computer is secure, and your identity and activities are safe from hackers and outside third party users. Powered by an easy to use interface, Identity Protection will allow you to secure your computer from intruders in only a few clicks.
Retail Price: 29.95
Identity Protection

By: Top Secret Software

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Luigi Di Serio is the founder of Top Secret Software. One of the web's largest security and spy software stores.

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