Article: Top 5 Antispyware Tools You Can Pick Up For Pennies

by David D. Deprice

1. Spyware Doctor Currently Ranked 1

Spyware Doctor provides 3way spyware protection through realtime threat blocking, scanning and immunization, anything less is like putting locks on the front door of your house but letting intruders in through the side or back door. This is one of the many reasons why the awardwinning Spyware Doctor has been chosen by millions of users to protect their PCs against spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats.

2. XCleaner Deluxe Amazingly Simple

XCleaner is a top ranked privacy software solution from Xblock, one of the most trusted names in antispyware technology. XCleaner not only deletes browser and system usage tracks, shreds pictures and generates secure passwords it also features unique antispy and antiadware technology and inoculation features that help prevent infections.

3. Outpost Firewall Pro Hates Hackers

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is world's foremost protection application, providing a superior arsenal of defense against PC infiltration. The firewall provides Security, Control, Privacy and Ease of Use. Outpost Firewall starts protecting as soon as it is installed. The program detects and blocks hacker attacks, guards the privacy of data stored on your computer, monitors network activity of your system and applications, provides secure web surfing, and prevents Internet worms from activating from your inbox.

4. Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Wow

Your PC is under constant attack by viruses, Trojans, Internetworms and other malware. Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal monitors all virus entry points leaving you with a clean and safe machine.

5. Geek Superhero Mighty Powerful

Geek Superhero watches your computer for changes, immediately notifying you when a change is made to confirm you want to keep or reject the change. This saves you from lots of headaches. (A "Computer Setting Firewall" is an excellent description.)

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