Article: Your Must Know Guide To Software Online

by BB Lee

You've purchased a brand new high tech computer. You gaze at your new monitor with pride. You are more than ready to surf the Net But wait Where's the software The basic software you will need to enjoy your browsing, online safety, send and receive emails or download.

So What Now No need to worry. If you've been on the Internet for awhile you know about the numerous freeware sites exploding across the Net.

The following are a few of the "most popular" software downloads for Internet safety, privacy, enjoyment, according to savvy computer owners.

Let's Get Started

Numerous malicious viruses circulate the Internet.
They infect your computer via attachments or a download.
This virus detection software is good and FREE

Tiny Personal Firewall
Protect your computer against hackers breaking into your computer.

Quickly Password Generator
Many sites ask you to register and select a password.
This is a fast and easy to use password generator.

Annoying Ads
Power Popup Killer
Kill those annoying ads with this free utility.

Email program
Quick Send
This is a simple, basic, email program.

Internet Privacy
Internet History
Clean up that history. Deletes all your Internet surfing habits from prying eyes.

Spyware Removal
Scans your system for sneaky spyware placed there by unscrupulous marketers via downloads or Internet surfing.

Popular Download Sites:




Thats it Enough free software to get the newbie started Online.

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This article was posted on December 13, 2002

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