Article: From NO money and NO ideas to Success

by Michael A. Domeck

What would you do if suddenly, and without warning, your world came crashing down around you?

One day you have a good job, a nice home and good health so you think. Then you go to the Doctor to find out why your indigestion keeps getting worse and why youre so tired all the time. You just kept thinking that you were working to hard and probably way too many hours which you were just to keep your job.

Then you find out you have to have a multiple bypass operation on your heart. You have 90 blockages in two arteries and 50 blockage in three more arteries. After you pick yourself up off the floor from that good news and let it sink in.

You think, well I better call my boss and tell him I want be in for a couple of months. So you call and tell him what is going on and ask for some time off, without pay of course. As you will need the time for the operation and recovery period.

Well your Boss is all so very understanding and says he hopes you get to feeling better, etc. Then you get the Oh by the way speech. He proceeds to tell you Our company policy is that if you cant work when, where and how we tell you to work then we dont need you So youre fired and good luck

Now that really gets you in the right frame of mind to be going into surgery, doesnt it?

Well you DO have the best Doctor in three states and you come through the surgery great. Then they move you from the Cardiac Care Unit to your room for a few more days of recovery before they send you home. Everything with your surgery has gone great but now you start worrying about all the bills and finding another job, etc.

All the worry starts hampering your recovery and the Doctor tells you Lets get you well and then youll be able to find yourself another good job But you have to get well first.

Up until now you thought things were starting to look rather burdensome until IT happens to you. Everything up until now has just been warming you up for the final blow. Your wife is on the way back to the hospital, to stay with you for the evening, when she gets a call from the neighbors. They tell her you need to get back to your house ASAP

When she gets there the house is in flames and the firemen are busy trying to save whats left. They manage to get a couple things out and a few pictures but thats it. Then the neighbors remember they havent seen your puppy. Hes like your child since the children have all grown up and moved off and he is all the two of you have left. The firemen race back into the house and save him. But within a few hours he succumbs to smoke inhalation complications and dies.

Now your wife knows she cant call you and tell you the house, your car, your new boat and your classic Chevrolet you had spent 10 years restoring all just went up in smoke. So she calls and says she needs to get some rest because she is so tired and she is afraid she is coming down with something.

The next morning she does come to see you along with all of your Doctors and nurses. You know something is up because there are so many people in the room. Then she tells you what has happened. If that doesnt put you at the lowest point you have ever been in your life NOTHING will.

Well that is exactly what happened to me the first two weeks of April, 2004. I had already decided, and been accepted to work in the NitroIncubator program. A program that lets you build some extra income and maybe even a new career. Then everything you read above happened to me.

Ric Thompson was kind enough to allow me a couple of extra weeks to get home from the hospital and to pull some money together, for the fee, before I started with Nitro as a student. The NitroIncubator program has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When my Doctor finally released me to go back to work he informed me I could no longer do what I had been doing for decades. He told me that I had to find a new career behind a desk and get off the road and out from under all the pressures of my old job.

Well, being 57 years old and looking for a brand new career, in this day and age, is next to impossible. When you have to go from a six figure income down to minimum wage just to find a job that stinks Everywhere I went I was told I was over qualified (Human Resources way of saying your too old). After awhile I just quit looking and started concentrating on the NitroIncubator program and building my website. Then it occurred to me that since I had lost everything almost all of our bills were gone (insurance paid off the cars, boat and house).

So I started really bearing down and working on the lessons and my site even more. After several more weeks of averaging just 3 5 hours a day my site started making a little money. Not much but it was a start. Then, because of my perseverance and dedication I was hired to become a NitroIncubator Mentor/Manager. Now I work with other new students helping them to learn what I have learned. I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life Im doing what I like and Im getting paid for it.

So plan your work and work the NitroIncubator plan and you WILL have success. As to how big a success you have that is all up to you. There are many other success stories you can read about on the NitroIncubatorSecrets site. This site is part of your membership package, along with a dedicated Mentor, web hosting and other training materials you get when you sign up with Nitro to learn to be a Niche Manager. The NitroIncubator team is here to help you any way they can. Literally taking you by the hand and leading you to success

Michael Domeck

About the Author

Getting good Search Engine rankings has been Mr.Domecks specialty. By testing literally hundreds of methods he has developed several that even newbies can use to get high SE rankings for their websites.

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