Article: Simple Way to Get High Pagerank

by Olga Rose

Everyone knows that if your website has a high Google Pagerank, you have all chances to reach good search engine positions, to get serious partners, or simply get more money selling text links.

But how to get a high Pagerank? (Let's clarify: saying high Pagerank', we mean at least PR6)

Of course there are many different ways. You may start exchanging links with PR12 websites, then with PR23, then with PR34 etc and after a year of this madness you'll probably get a result. But till that time, your mailbox will burst from tons of link exchange proposals and your website will look more like a freeforall directory. Or you may start writing articles adding your website URL in the bottom, but not everyone can do this, and it'll also require many months of efforts.

But here's the better way

There are many websites with strong search engine positions and high Pagerank, where you can buy text links for a certain fee. Depending on the strength of a website and the value of its links, it may cost from 10 to 3000 (and more) for a ROS (runofsite) text link. Everything will depend on your budget and goals. If your goal is PR6 it may cost for example 200 per month to reach it. Yes, it's not cheap, but it's only the first step

So, you go ahead and buy the link(s); and after the next Pagerank update (generally once a month), you get your fair PR6 (let's suppose that it takes 1 month and 200).

During the second month you need to hurry up, and to organize several link exchange campaigns with other PR6 (or even PR7) websites. Remember: you're not a newbie any more you're PR6 website.

35 campaigns should be enough. This month will also cost you 200 BUT after the end of the month, when you have several working link exchange campaigns, you simply stop buying text links and wait for the next update.

If you made everything correctly, you will not loose your Pagerank (maybe even increase it).

So here's the simple way to reach PR6 for quite reasonable price. Or course 400 may be a big amount for a young webmaster or a newbie. But it'll save you from many months of exhausting work, from headaches; and it'll save your time. Finally, you'll also be able to sell your own text links in order to return your investments.

Good luck.

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This article was posted on August 20, 2004

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