Article: Why onemanbasementoperations will not do for your hosting service.

by Luis Perez

A proliferation of hosting setups run by kids out of their dorms or by hobbyists from their basements, as cash cow parttime operations, have had the effect giving the hosting industry a bad name mainly because of the poor service that has been on offer.

Nightmare stories abound from web site owners who made the mistake of casually signing off their ecommerce operations to the mercies of poor hosting services.
Still the proliferation of hosting services has had the good effect of dramatically bringing down prices.

Still, the obvious disadvantage of low prices on the other hand has been that it has kept away many real professional companies from entering the industry. This has meant that services from many companies have remained poor and below acceptable standards.

In some cases this has cost some ecommerce entrepreneurs dearly in terms of lost revenues. For example how do you recover traffic that you spent dearly to generate only to have them miss your site simply because the site was down for one reason or another? Or even worse, because it took too long to load and they clicked on to somewhere else?

This is the reason why smart web site entrepreneurs are taking a closer look at their web host or web hosting provider these days, realizing that it is a very critical area of their operations that they cannot afford to be casual about. The host impacts directly on their success and ultimate profitability.

But this is not to say that all small operations are bad. To be fair there are some dedicated web hosts whove offered excellent hosting facilities that would rival those of any bigger player. Many successful ecommerce web sites owe their online success to them.

About the Author

Luis Perez is the president and CEO for MDSHost, a web hosting company. He can be reached at info at Send for your free report on the checklist you should use when selecting a hosting service.

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