Article: Get your products, services and business featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV. (Free)

by Lawrence Roth

Public Relations just got easier: This is the software kit that will help you
generate the public relations exposure that will build sales.

Use these software templates to attract the media Get your products, services
and business featured in magazines, newspapers and on TV. (Free)

If you have a product, service or announcement you think belongs in
the media and a budget you know wont stand much expense, consider Publicity

Larry Blasko, Associated Press

Everything to Plan & Develop Your Public Relations

Builder is a collection of public relations software templates (see below)
that you can easily edit using Word or your favorite wordprocessor. (Other
sites charge as much as 25 for just one sample press release) Instructions
are included throughout to enable you to develop and manage your own PR Also
includes spreadsheet worksheets to help you with budgeting and prioritizingfill
in the variables and print. We even include access to PRNewsWire to actually
send your releases for you.

"Nothing can carry a message with more persuasive power to the heart of
John Q. Public than the endorsement of the news media." Eric Sevareid

It's like having your own PR firm If youre not making the most of PR,
youre losing sales. Publicity
Builder puts all the resources of a PR agency at your fingertips, and gives
you all the tools you need to get free and credible exposure for your products,
services, or company... fast

Builder amounts to a course in how to win editors and influence reporters.
Every public relations person could benefit from the wisdom...

Larry Shannon, New York Times

What is publicity, and why do I need it? Publicity, also known as PR, is much
more than just free advertising. Another person is talking about you, telling
the world about your product or service. And who will the world believe? You
or someone talking about you? Publicity is cucially important to your success.
Every business can use it. You know all those magazine articles, reviews, and
TV feature stories that mention or focus on products and companies? These are
the result of PR. Sometimes, when you see a product in a movie or TV show, thats
PR too. (Companies usually pay for those product 'placements', but thats
another story.) The makers of SafeTMan understand this.

Builder helped us obtain over 6 million in free publicity in the nations
leading TV shows, magazines and almost every major newspaper in the country
Builder was incredibly easy to use. We simply faxed our press release and
the media and distributors started calling us like crazy. Christian
LesStrang, President, FunFlatable Products Company, Inc. (makers of SafeTMan

By using Publicity
Builder, they achieved coverage in all of these media for a total of over
"/software/public_relations/savtmanstory.html" target="_blank">6 million in
free publicity. As a small, homebased company, FunFlatable Products could never
have afforded to pay for even a fraction of the exposure theyve achieved,
but with Publicity
Builder, they got it for free. Better yet, all of this PR exposure can be
even more effective than conventional advertising.

How to make news, grab headlines, and more Newspaper, magazine and TV news
editors are always looking for stories. After all, they have to print a whole
new paper or produce hours of TV news every day. They care about finding stories.
They couldnt care less about selling your product or you. So how do you
get your product in the news? The secret is story power, or angle.
Knowing whats news And timing. If you dont have these elements,
your PR efforts will probably be unsuccessful. But with them, theres
no limit to how much publicity you can achieve. Publicity
Builder teaches you to maximize your exposure by using the principles of
angle, newsworthiness and timing, and shows you how to apply them to your product.
It shows you how to write pitch letters, press releases and create a press kit,
and includes preformatted documents that you can modify to your needs. And
youll sound like a pro when you call. Plus, a special section shows you
how to get the most out of trade shows and conventions, from planning your presentation
to capturing media coverage.

PR is good for your career & personal success The simple fact that having
an article published in a trade magazine or even a city newspaper will enhance
a career faster and longer than almost anything else you can do is not recognized
by most people. The few people who take advantage of this fact are the ones
most likely to succeed in both their business and their personal lives.

"Wellwritten and organized, this software offers excellent ideas on getting
your company name or product noticed. Andrea Hille, Buyers Laboratory,
Hackensack, NJ

Expert resources at your fingertips to build sales If you ask other business
owners what they need most, theyll tell you more time, more money, and
more resources. They want professional business expertise and proven tools they
can use quickly and easily to accomplish important daytoday projects and tasksespecially
things that generate more sales Here they are:

Grab headlines for your products services or organization Clearly publicity is
the most costeffective form of marketing available. Now you can use these proven
creative approaches to get introduced or reviewed in business journals consumer
magazines newspapers television and important trade publications. Working with
the media you ll increase your sales or attract more people to nonprofit events.
These templates are developed by experts with decades of experience

Tips & Strategies:

HighTicket Review
Tradeshow Tactics
Company Backgrounder


Goal Setting
Product Positioning
Company Positioning
Features & Benefits
Comparison Chart
Media Contacts
Pitch Letter
Phone Pitch
PR Planning and more

Sample Press Releases:

Award Announcement
Community Event
Fund Raiser Event
New Business Event
New Company
New Contract
New Personnel
New Product
New Retail Business
New Service Business
Personnel Change
Product Upgrade
Religious Group Appmnt.
Restaurant Opening
Service Program
Sports League and more..
Sublease Guaranty
Trademark Licensing
Work for Hire 70 more

"When competing for the public s attention your message must be efficiently
communicated and readily digested. This will help you interact graciously and
effectively with the media."

Burke Franklin CEO

602 Pro PC Suite:

This free fast compatible alternative to Microsoft Office has it all Four
fullfeatured applications: a word processor spreadsheet photo editor and photo
organizer. Add effects to your text quickly make graphs retouch photos and more

Best of all it s fully compatible with Word and Excel formats to open these
templates in Windows.

(602 Pro PC Suite 2001 is freeware.)

System Requirements for Windows

Windows XP/Me/2K/NT/98/95
Pentium II (300MHz) or better
32 MB RAM or more
25 MB free hard disk space
4x speed CDROM drive or faster
Mouse and Printer for printing
Also compatible with most wordprocessing software and spreadsheet software
(see list below)
Microsoft Word WordPerfect ClarisWorks Microsoft Works Ami Pro Professional
Write WriteNow Microsoft Excel Lotus 123 Quattro Pro.

System Requirements for Macintosh

(Template Version)
G3(R) (350MHz) or better
System 8 9 or X
32 MB RAM or more
10 MB free hard disk space
4x speed CDROM drive or faster
Mouse and Printer for printing
Requires a wordprocessing software and spreadsheet software (see list below)

Microsoft Word WordPerfect ClarisWorks Microsoft Works Ami Pro Professional
Write WriteNow Microsoft Excel Lotus 123 Quattro Pro.

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