Article: How An Ecommerce Web Site Can Help You Turn Your Hobby Into A Profitable Business

by Amber McNaught

If youve never considered the idea of starting up your own ecommerce web site or, indeed, your own business youll probably be more than a little bit wary about the idea. Actually, setting up an ecommerce web site neednt be as difficult as you think and it could also be a lot of fun

Building an ecommerce web site around your hobby. Whats your hobby? Whether its horseback riding or horticulture, youre probably spending a lot of time every week doing it. Wouldnt it be great if you could be making money at the same time?

Making a living doing something youd be more than happy to do for free (or even pay to do, depending on your hobby) is everyones dream. By starting your own ecommerce web site, however, you could find yourself doing just that and in a surprisingly short period of time.

A business built around your hobby is probably the best and easiest type of business to start. You already have the interest and expertise to make it work, and, given that your hobby, by definition, is something that you actually enjoy doing, you should also have the enthusiasm necessary to keep it working.

Similarly, setting up a business using an ecommerce web site is a great way to get into running your own business. These days there are so many varieties of ecommerce web site packages available that you dont need a huge amount of money or expertise to get started, and if youre not convinced, you can even run your ecommerce web site business part time, from home.

What type of hobby can you turn into an ecommerce web site business? Any kind of hobby can be adapted in some way into a business which you can run using an ecommerce web site, although some hobbies will obviously be easier to adapt than others. If your hobby is dressmaking, for example, or woodwork, all you need to do is set up an ecommerce web site and sell the items you make on it. If your hobby is something like swimming, or reading, youll have to be a little more creative; you could perhaps sell second hand books, or start an online swimming magazine which you can sell via your ecommerce web site its really up to you.

Where to get an ecommerce web site.

Even if you know a bit about web design, its probably a good idea to get a professional to create your ecommerce web site for you, although you could also think about using one of the many services currently on offer which allow you to use templates to build your own ecommerce web site. Your site will cost you anything from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand, depending on its size and complexity. Once your ecommerce web site is up and running, however, and youre actually starting to make a living from your hobby, your new business should be a labor of love and thats the kind of work wed all like to find

Amber McNaught is coowner of Hot Igloo Productions, a UK website design and marketing business specialising in helping small businesses grow through the use of internet technologies and public relations.

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