Article: Impulse Click And Buy:

by William Nabaza

Is making money on the web impossible? I think not. Large companies don't have any problems with this one. But the web levels the playing field so that a high school webmaster can design pages that sells more than a site designed by expensive web design companies.

1. Sell Your Content Links.

There is a web site that specializes in selling links from your site. You can either sell your content via password protected subdirectory or via email. The said web site will be the one to charge their credit cards (amex, mc, visa, etc.) and make profit whenever you sell one. There's no monthly or setup fees, the creation of saleable content rest on you. For more info, please click this url:

2. Look For Companies That Can Sponsor You.

You can write and publish your own newsletter and seek out offline companies that can sponsor that issue. You can dedicate a single page for them and write their press release on it and distribute over the web for a minimal fee. Study the principle of this one.

3. Sell Text On A Banner Ads.

You can either sell clickthru ads or pay per display banner ad.

4. Sell Directly On Your Website.

You can sell the following: books, music cd's, car, software, gift certificates, etc. For more details, click on this url:

5. Offer Contra Deals.

You can also offer your service in exchange for goods/services rather than for direct payment.

6. Sell Consultancy.

Sell your services as a webmaster to help them setup an online presence.

7. Sell Links.

Generate a very long list of links to other related or unrelated sites. This is also a good way of generating repeat traffic to your website. If the list became very long, number of expected visits to each participating websites will decrease. Now you can offer same participating site premium links page that they'll be interested to pay for.

8. Charge For Access.

You can passwordprotect some of the pages in your website and then charge them in exchange of content.

9. Host Other Sites At Your Domain.

Theoretically guarantees a minimum amount of traffic for customers.

10. Surveys or Market Reports.

You can make money two ways on this one. Charge third party companies for including them in surveys, or conduct your own survey and then sell results.

11. Advertorials.

This is similar to an ad feature in a newspaper. Offer website editorial space to your customers, design the page and write the HTML code for them.

12. Sell Souvenirs From Your Website.

This could be your last move if you happen to follow my advice. provides solutions to everyday webmastery task like search engine submissions, internet promotion, and sticking your visitors to your site. Become a member now for as low as U.S. 100.00 a year.

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