Article: Online Web Marketing Tips

by Jennifer Lynn

Here is a list of a few of my favorite marketing tips and ideas. They all proved to be effective in my business, use them them for yours as well

1. Seek out link sites. Linking up with other sites and linking other sites to your webpage is a great marketing idea. I've generated a lot of traffic hits, linking up with other sites alone. Make sure to be in touch with people whom have sites similar to yours or fit your genre.

2. HTML META. Meta tags are for your search engines. Using meta tags are effective when you want to be sprouting up on search pages, use your keywords.

3. Search Engines. Blast your site out into outerspace. Search engines drive TRAFFIC. And to increase your popularity of your site, utilize some common search engine sites like, Google and Yahoo.

4. Your Website Headers are important Make your titles strong. The titles are very important because it shows how your page shows up in the search engine. Make sure it has a great title or else your pages will show up very weak.

5. Updating your site. Keep your site updated regualarly and keep your surfers coming back for more. Everyone loves new refreshed content. That is key.

6. Newsletters. Offer updates, free newsletters, sms messages to your browsers. They will be updated personally on your site and be provided with regular infoformation.

7. Branding your web page. Branding your site is used to make a long lasting effect. Keep your logo, main title on every page. This will be sure to follow through in terms of getting the message down to your browsers.

8. Build more sites. The more the merrier, the more sites the more traffic. Its also great marketing if you are a newbie company trying to get your name well known.

9. Emails. Emails, we get emails every second, every hour, every day. Don't let them sit in your mailbox. That's a no no Be proficient and answer them right away. No one likes to wait, especially online users. They have the least patience of them all.

10. Get Involved. Your surfers are important for if you don't have them then what do you have? Cutomoze your content and make it personal. If you involve them, interact with them they will naturally want to be involved as well. Add polls, offer them to bookmark your site, use your site as a homepage, place a forum, chat room, voting contest, etc.

There are many many more ways to effectively market your online site. Do some research on the web, look at some of the other sites and observe there strategies. They are all very different but we all have the same message we want to get through. We want to win our customers trust and loyalty to our sites. With a properly executed marketing plan and given time, your site should be getting the results you want in no time.

About the Author:
Jennifer Lynn is an ecommerce entrepreneur, artist, writer, and musician based in New YorkChicago.

She has written and contributed numerous articles online about adult entertainment, entrepreneurship, ecommerce, technology, pop culture, generation x, quarter life and city trends & news.

A highly creative entrepreneur with focus in web marketing, business development and ecommerce. Presently, she is involved in JMR, an online referral biz for artists in the entertainment industry. She also runs other ecommerce sites including an interactive entertainment hub and her own personal site.

Before startin' JMR, Jennifer Lynn was a tech recruiter with a Chicago based startup company. She's also a professional pianist. Jennifer Lynn received her degree from De Paul University in liberal arts.

When she's not workin' away, you can find her lofting on a beach, into travel, and dabbling in new creative ventures with artists & entrepreneurs around town.

Jennifer Lynn believes passion in doing what ever it is you love to do is the key to one's personal success.

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