Article: SelfPublish Your Ebooks Through ClickBank

by Tim Coulter

There was a time when ebook publishing was seen as a reluctant halfmeasure for authors who had failed to impress the mainstream press. But as onscreen reading technology improves and the buying public becomes aware of the instant gratification and easy navigation that downloaded ebooks can provide, their popularity is growing and so too is their market.

But despite the burgeoning ebook revolution, many writers have still not woken up to the profitability of selfpublishing, nor the ease with which a turnkey ecommerce system, like ClickBank, can help them to get their work out to the buying public.

There are some compelling reasons to selfpublish your work in ebook format. Here are just a few of the most attractive:

There are no agents or publishers to convince

There are no distributors, retailers or other middlemen to take a cut

You'll have no deadlines to meet nor editors to satisfy

There are no printing, warehousing or distribution costs

Your manuscript could be selling within days or weeks of completion

You get to keep up to 100 of the cover price of every sale

To publish a book in digital format and sell it via ClickBank is well within the grasp of most aspiring writers, even those with limited financial resources and little or no online marketing experience. It's just a question of choosing the right tools for the job and following the triedandtested methods used by the thousands of successful ClickBank sellers.

At its simplest, a selfpublished ebook can be created using a word processor and packaged using any one of the various free or lowcost ebook compilers. To sell it online requires nothing more than a rudimentary 2page website, with ClickBank's ecommerce system hooked in to provide roundtheclock automated payment processing. Although modest, this setup can soon become a 24/7 handsfree money machine, pulling in thousands of dollars for a single title, while leaving the author free to work on his next creation.

Once bitten by the ClickBank bug, the most adventurous selfpublishers usually embellish their sites, building more effective marketing infrastructures and further automating their prospecting and postsales processes. To aid them in their quest for evergreater profits, a whole microindustry has sprung up around ClickBank, offering all manner of software accessories that squeeze more out of the basic ClickBank concept.

But there is one final aspect of ClickBank that sets it apart from any other online payment service its integrated affiliate program. With 150,000 affiliate members, ClickBank boasts one of the most active affiliate networks on the Internet. As a ClickBank seller, you can tap directly into this priceless resource, harnessing the power of affiliate marketing to multiply your web exposure and boost your sales, without the daily chores of being an active web marketer.

In short, the simplicity of ClickBank, coupled with the power of affiliate marketing makes self publishing a viable and profitable alternative for any author struggling to get a book to market. Why not give it a try?

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