Article: PRONTO North America ERP Allows Access via Red Hat Linux

by Thomas Cutler

With drill down support outofthebox, PRONTOXi Digital Dashboard delivers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to unraveling the hidden meaning in the data. According to Tom Verzi, Director of Marketing for the Minnesotabased ERP leader, Starting at the highest level summary data, the Dashboard supports multiple levels of information consolidation, right down to the underlying transactions were required. In addition, the color coding of information allows at a glance review of detail, no matter which level of consolidation.

Empowering Architecture:
PRONTOXi Digital Dashboard is based on Microsofts market leading architecture, including IIS, ASP WebParts, and SharePoint Portal Server. Coupled with PRONTOs optional API Compiler, technically savvy users can extend and customize their Dashboards as required.

Verzi noted, Endusers can tailor the look and feel of their Dashboard interface using the simple administration screens supplies as standard with every implementation. All critical business objectives can be mapped and delivered via the Digital Dashboard in the minimum of time with maximum impact.

Access PRONTOXi data on IBM AIX, Solaris V7, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2000/XP.
Out of the box web parts for Menus and Reports, EIS, POS, Financial KPIs and CRM.
Utilizes Microsofts industry leading IIS web parts and optionally, SharePoint Server.

PRONTO North America, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is the North American Master Distributor of PRONTOXi, a comprehensive software system allowing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to effectively manage all phases of the supply chain. Far beyond just another Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, PRONTOXis financial and distribution applications are unique and have provided maximum return on investment for a wide variety of organizations since 1976.

From PRONTO Planning to PRONTO Production; from PRONTO Forecasting Management to PRONTO Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP); from PRONTO Advanced Warehousing to PRONTO Quality Management System (QMS), the crosssection and breadth of integrated elements addressed by PRONTOXi is unmatched in the marketplace and justifies the companys natural leadership role as the best fully integrated business software solution for more than a quarter century. PRONTO North America is quickly emerging as the combined manufacturing, service, and distribution ERP leader.

Pronto North America
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