Article: Keywords usage in the Body Text

by Vikas Malhotra

Once the sites keywords have been finalized it is now time to start using them to optimize the site. Once the title & meta tags of the site have been optimized its time to start with optimizing the content of the site with keywords.

KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES usage in Body text :

Body text is a gist of web page which represents overall information of the web page in a precise way. We should use Keywords and Keyphrases in body text in standard and natural way as it is read by the targeted audience. This practice is also rewarded by search engines.

Body may consist of headings , pictures , tables, frames, forms and of text paragraphs. Therefore, we can include Keywords and Keyphrases within

, , ,



, , , etc.

In case of tables , frames , forms we can include Keywords and Keyphrases in their respective headings.

One thing to consider is that Keywords and Keyphrases must be included in descending order of their importance. It is recommended(thumb of rule) that at least four or five informative paragraphs (including important Keywords and Keyphrases) should be included on each page totaling to at least 100 250 or above words.

Remember, to include targeted Keywords and Keyphrases in the first paragraph of the body text since some search engines access the first few lines of web page to show as description in the search result listing.

Therefore, it is normally recommended that at least first 25 words in the first paragraph should by Keyword rich.

Starting the body of page with an image is also not a good idea, since most search engines cant read images although some engines can read Alt text of that image.

Bold and large font of Keywords and Keyphrases may help in improving search result listing.

Example : We can write a paragraph showing the gist of the web page including targeted Keywords and Keyphrases.

First Paragraph :

Keywords and Keyphrases should be used in page Title Tag, Meta Tags (Meta keywords tag, Meta Description tags, Meta Robots tags) , Header Tags( ,



, , ), Body text (in paragraphs

, headings of forms, frames, list, etc.), Alt tag, Anchor tags, Domain name , Urls of directory pages , Comment tags, etc.

Keywords and Keypharases used in different part of the web page body text is a very important method of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As search engines boost the search result listing on the basis of Keywords and Keypharases included in Domain name , Urls of directory pages, Page Title, Body text, Meta tags, Header tags, Anchor Tags, Alt Tags,etc. Therefore, we can safely say that one of the main components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Keywords and Keypharases.

KEYWORDS and KEYPHARASES usage in Alt tag :

Keywords and keyphrases use in alt tag is also a very important factor in boosting page rank used by spiders .The main reason behind altimage tag keyword usage is that usually search engines cant read images . To overcome this problem we can use alt tag which describes image (.gif) or graphic (.jpg).The text in the alt tags is indexed by the search engines.

It also used to describe the contents of the picture or graphic while downloading that image or picture or while moving on to other page. Sometime, Alt tag is also used to describe the contents of the image when the browser is using graphic off mode.

Alt tag should start with Keyword or Keypharases . Alt text can be used with image or clickable image or text. Alt tag text should be simple ,short, meaningful sentence with target Keyword or Keypharases because it is read by the audience.

In case of linked images we can use set of keywords with little description of the coming page and border property or attribute should be set to zero (0) and name of images should be relevant which helps to improve validity of the web page.

Example : Alt tag text for image without link.

Page Rank in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google has started to attach lot of importance to the anchor text in the anchor tags. In fact the usage of keyword in the anchor tags merits such a high place in google ranking algorithm that a phenomenon called google bombing started.

In this, huge number of people linked to one particular page using a particular text. The text had no relevance to the content on that page. However when the text that was used as the linking text was used as a search query, the page that all these tags were pointing to appeared tops.

As an example if everyone links to this page using classical music as the hyperlinking text, then this page has a chance of appearing on a top rank for the keyword classical music in google.

KEYWORDS and KEYPHRASES usage in Comment Tag :

Keywords and Keyphrases used in Comment tag also contribute in raising page rank by increasing Keyword frequency of the web page. We can use targeted Keywords and Keyphrases in comment text instead of simple text to describe the page content.

Comment Tag can be used after title , description ,or robot tag in header section. We can use Comment Tag after header if the opening body does not contain Keyword Rich Text and before the starting of important content like before flash content, programming in javascript, ASP or Applet , images and for those sections we need to identify for easy access.

Although only Inktomi uses this factor to boost page rank but it is advisable to use comment tags with keywords to organize page content which helps in easy editing and review.


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