Article: SEO 101: The Basics 1.0: Keyword Research

by SEO Guerilla

This is my first in a series of articles about Search Engine Optimization. I am going to share the information that I have put too the test on my own sites and have seen proven results. For my first article I will go over the basics in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without further ado..on with the show.

I am going too start with a little strategy for you. First thing you need to know is your competition. This will help you so you know what youre going up against. It is much harder too rank in the Top 20 under "Home Mortgage" as a general Keyword Search than ranking under "Warren Buffet's favorite soft drink" (note: Which is Coke Cola if you must know). Your tactics must change the more competitive and general the Keyword youre trying to attain.

I mentioned Top 20 above for a reason. Experts have shown that if you are not ranked in the Top 20 under your "key phrases" then you are missing 92 of the traffic for people searching for those terms. This is why good solid SEO is so crucial. Keep in mind for some terms you need near perfect or better too even get a taste of the Top 20.

Once you have determined what terms you are going after you need a game plan to get in a position too start making progress on your chosen key words.

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