Article: Skyrocketing SEO prices make blood cold, discount ones make it stir

by Venera Seit-Dzhelilova

SEO Style, a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company, today announced a 10 discount deal for search engine optimization services. Once a year all new clients are offered a beneficial opportunity to use proficient SEO services at a discount price to be confident in their search engine optimization provider choice.

Sarasota, FL, August 2, 2004 SEO Style, a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company, today announced a onceayear 10 discount prices for search engine optimization services. It gives prospects for both parties: new clients for the company and budget saving services for new clients.

The urge for search engine optimization services is escalating rapidly. Quality and sensible prices are of paramount importance for SEO services seekers.

The regional analysis department has conducted a research on number of websites providing search engine optimization services. This research was restricted to prices suggested. The picture is clear enough but here is a question. Are the prices final, with no hidden cost revealed? What all potential customers always wish to know upfront, yet rarely find without searching, asking and digging out is price. An everlasting question.

Perhaps, the statistical investigation will throw a light on this question. It was verified that the prices vary from 400 to 3500 and up (more up) depending on your site specifications. An economical search engine optimization package is offered by for 999. boasts his affordable solution at 3500. Stop Small and medium sites are excluded. is a little bit raising hopes in our affordable SEO searchers breasts: get your SEO services from 1500 to 3000. offers an advanced package with auto and manual submissions, ranking reports, website optimization and keyword overview plus 24/7/365 support for 399. Taking into consideration the abovementioned prices, a suspicious thought about hidden costs creeps to mind.

According to Bachmanov Oleg, CEO of SEO Style Company, the total cost for any site search engine optimization is established on individual basis. No doubt, discount prices combined with the permanent ones, will be of a great benefit for anyone seeking for a highend affordable service.

SEO Style, a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company, is a professional team having its clients success as a key factor. SEO Style Company has an extended experience in the sphere of search engine optimization. SEO Style is a privately owned company headquartered in Sarasota, FL.

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Bachmanov Oleg
SEO Style Company CEO
Phone: 1.2706378553

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Venera SeitDzhelilova works for SEO Style Company as a contentmanager.She's 23.

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