Article: The Secret of Search Engine Optimization

by Peter Faber

How to do search engine optimization is one of the best kept secrets in the world. Even though you would think it is all out there in forums and other websites, when you try to figure it out, you will find you cant find the forest for the trees.

Let me put it plain and simple. The secret of search engine optimization is not about keywords, or titles, or meta keyword tags, or meta descriptions, or heading tags, or keyword density, or alt attributes, or what ever other onthepage factor you can find. Even links arent the secret.

The real secret of search engine optimization is Harmony

Harmony between all the factors I just mentioned and many more other factors as well. And that is exactly why it is not easy to find a great SEO company for your website. Every SEO can talk about the importance of a title, or any of the other factors, but try finding one that talks about how it all works together.

Harmony is the real power of SEO and it needs to be supported by lots of hard work, especially focused on link building. But here too harmony comes into play.

Many SEOs that I talk with about harmony tell me that of course I am right and that it is so obvious it isnt worth mentioning. But the truth is that not that many people (SEOs included) are able to bring real harmony to their pages and website.

Putting keywords in title, meta keywords, meta description and heading tags, thats easy. But thats just the most basic form of harmony in a web page. Just think of how keywords fit into text found in the title, description, heading tags and the copy. Should you just place the keywords in there somehow, or may it be better to be a bit more considerate when choosing what to write in all these places?

What about topical structure? Is your site completely structured according to a logical topical structure? There are so many indirect factors that are as powerful as link building. And it is hardly possible to put it into words as it is more an art than a science to get it right.

About the Author

Peter Faber is the Implementation Director of; a search engine optimization company located in Brazil with a focus on Brazil, the USA and Europe. He also has his own SEO Blog in

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