Article: The most overlooked hurdle to ecommerce success

by Luis Perez

Ecommerce success remains frustratingly elusive for many even as trends clearly show that the Internet is a medium that will continue to have a huge impact across the board on the entire business landscape. This impact will not even spare totally offline companies, as they too will need to adjust to the rapidly changing offline business environment that has been affected by developments online.

So while everybody knows that they will have to pay a lot of attention to the net, many failed web entrepreneurs cant quite put their fingers on what they did wrong, or where exactly the problem was.

So what is the most overlooked hurdle to success? Experts believe that it is Internet marketing and specifically search engine optimization and visibility.

Everybody knows that web sites get a vast majority of their new visits through search engines. Most net surfers will go straight to their favorite search engine and then use key words to look for the information that they are looking for. In this way, they make use of the internets advantage of having virtually unlimited information and a wide choice of service providers in virtually any discipline one can think of, plus thousands of others one will never think of.

The World Wide Web is a huge place and so if key words in a search engine will not find you, it means that hardly anybody will be able to find your expensive, stateoftheart web site.

Life is now being made easier by some good hosting companies. These companies have realized that search engines are a key to success and have therefore included search engine optimization services into the range of products they offer as web hosting providers.

Already a clear distinction has emerged between sites that bother themselves with search engine optimization (SEO) and those that do not.

It all starts with good straightforward submission services without all the hype that we see on the net these days.

Here is an example of some of the hype floating around on the net these days. Some submission services advertisers claim the ability to submit to over 1,000 search engines. A closer examination of this statement will reveal it as a hoax because there are less than half a dozen search engines that carry 99 of the traffic on the web. So who needs the other nine hundred and ninety something, even if they exist?

This is just one example of loads of misleading hype on the net these days, most of which has left many web site owners in problems because they part with money and end up with nothing but hypedup empty promises.

It makes a lot of sense for a web hosting service to be involved with search engine optimization and submission services. For the client web site it means that they are dealing with one vendor for all three services, instead of 3 different companies wholl take every opportunity to shift blame to each other while the web entrepreneur remains with his problems.

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